About High flyers

Fast Track Commercial Pilot Training

Our DGCA Commercial Pilot Program is an accelerated, structured program that will allow, aspiring pilots “ HIGH FLYERS “ to obtain the necessary skills to transition from the flight training environment into the professional airline world.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Class 10+2 with Physics & Math examination pass-out certificate from a recognized Indian Board or University in India
  2. 17 years of age at the time of enrollment
  3. Valid Class II Medical certificate, will require Class I Medical Certificate for the issue of Commercial pilot license.

Commercial Pilot License Indian DGCA Syllabus

Course Footprint

Private Pilot

50 Hours flight with CFI(C172/P28A)
Knowledge test & Aircraft Check ride fee
PPL Ground School
15 Hours (Pre & Post)

Instrument Rating

25 Hours flight with CFI(C172/P28A)
15 Hours training in AATD
Knowledge test & Aircraft Check ride
6 Hours (Pre & Post)
IFR Ground School

Commercial Pilot

40 Hours fligt with CFI(C172/P28A)
85 Hour solo flight hours (PIC Time as per Indian DGCA Req)
35 Hours ground
Knowledge test and Aircraft Check ride

Multi Engine Rating

15 Hours flight with CFI (PA34)

10 Hours training in AATD

Knowledge test and Aircraft Check ride

Indian DGCA Compliant Pilot Program

Our courses and training aircraft both meet the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) requirements. All India pilot training courses include the DGCA required 200 total hours, with over 200 in-aircraft hours.

It is essential to note that High Flyers Flight Academy does not use “shared time” or “safety pilot” time, as some other schools do, to satisfy pilot-in-command (PIC) time. Shared time may reduce costs, it is NOT recognized as PIC time in India, as well as many other countries.importantly, since shared time also reduces “hands-on” flight time, it diminishes the student pilot’s flight skills.

Certificates for Flight Training

Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate with a Single and Multi-Engine rating.

Training Aircraft

Primary aircraft options include the Cessna 172R/ PA28/ Seneca PA-34/44.
Rebird and Frasca simulators are also available as optional training tools.

Aviation English and Phraseology

For an additional cost, students can access an Aviation English Tutor. Proficiency in English at ICAO level 4 or higher is required. A Phraseology Class is included.

Course Includes

  • Accommodation facilities on twin sharing basis fully equipped with pantry, dish washer and laundry room.
  • Transport
  • Study materials
  • Personal headsets
  • Logbook
  • Visa Process I-20 and TSA (finger printing)
  • Private/Instrument/Commercial Single Engine/Multi Engine Check ride fee.
  • Wifi


Supplemental online ground school resources and a ForeFlight account are provided for accessing books, charts, and documents. An iPad mini with 32GB of data is required for use (not included).