Type Rating Training

At High Flyers, we take pride in offering exceptional type rating training for aspiring pilots. Our type rating programs are meticulously designed to equip pilots with the necessary skills and expertise to handle specific aircraft types.

Boeing 737 NG

Airbus 320 DGCA

Type Rating Training

HIIGH FLYERS stands out as the leading aviation training company, offering an extensive range of Type Rating training programs on a wide variety of fleet types. With over 10 different aircraft fleet types to choose from, including the Airbus A320, Boeing 737NG, 757, and 777, among others, High Flyers provides an array of simulators for aviation training. The courses available cover Initial, Upgrade, or Recurrent Type Ratings, as well as FAA ATP-CTP conversion training.

HIGH FLYERS provides high-quality A-320 Type Ratings at affordable prices, achieved by leveraging lower simulator rates available at various locations worldwide.