Airline Assessment and Interview Preparation

Our aim at HIGH FLYERS is to familiarize ourselves with you. We have tailored our Airline Assessment and Interview Preparation to suit each individual client, enabling us to assist you in achieving your career objectives.

Interview Preparation

The purpose of interview preparation cannot be overstated. It plays a vital role in creating a positive initial impression. Nonverbal communication accounts for a significant 70% of overall communication. Factors such as attire, appearance, eye contact, and subtle behaviors can greatly influence the outcome of an interview.

Our objective is to equip you with proven techniques to effectively communicate in a genuine, intelligent, and well-articulated manner, while avoiding sounding rehearsed. Our aviation interview preparation is tailored both to your individual profile as a pilot with unique experiences, as well as to the specific airline or corporate flight department you are applying to.

You will receive personalized guidance from an ATP-rated pilot who possesses ample experience in interviewing pilots from diverse backgrounds. We will assist you in preparing for various interview formats, including one-on-one sessions and panel interviews, ranging from informal meetings with line pilots to confident conversations with former Senior Management Pilots
of potential employers.


Our interview preparation sessions are designed as a step-by-step process tailored to your background and experience. The aim is to equip you with the necessary tools to exude confidence, comfort, and clarity during an interview.

It is essential that you respond to questions in your own authentic voice, avoiding a scripted or rehearsed manner. We assist you in discovering and refining your natural tone by helping you structure your answers in a way that resonates with your interview audience, whether it be an interview panel, human resources, airline department management, or company executives. Our aim is for you to feel at ease when addressing a wide range of questions, starting from introducing yourself to handling challenging scenarios and interpersonal inquiries.

We provide instruction on techniques to address various topics such as customer service, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, and client interaction. Our process will guide you in adapting your communication style to suit each airline or company, while demonstrating how you can establish a connection.

Interview PreparationWe have four stages, with each stage being divided into ¾ to 1-hour sessions in a modular format.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Motivation to Work Here and Why You Are the Ideal Candidate

Step 3:

Time-based Questions (TMAAT)

Step 4:

Company/Organization Specific Questions, which may include:

– Panel-style HR questions and logbook review
– Scenario-based exercises
– Scenario-based questions (What Would You Do?)
– Discussion on personal strengths and weaknesses

When should I start my Interview Prep?

For optimal results, it is recommended to begin interview preparation no later than 3 months before your scheduled interview. This timeframe allows ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with sample Tell Me About A Time (TMAAT) questions, refine your delivery, and structure your narratives accordingly. The more time you dedicate to practice, the better prepared you will be.

Even if you do not currently have an airline interview scheduled, we highly encourage you to engage in interview prep. It offers the chance to acquire new skills, reflect on past experiences, and enhance your confidence in responding to various types of interview questions within a relaxed and non-pressured environment.

By following this workflow, clients can progress through each stage sequentially, with a one-week interval between stages. This break period allows time for assimilating new knowledge, practicing the acquired skills, and addressing any follow-up queries.

Finalizing the Process

Upon completion of all the necessary stages of interview preparation, we ensure that any remaining questions or concerns are addressed in a thorough manner. This final interaction offers a valuable opportunity to refine your skills and enhance your confidence. With our one-on-one guidance, you can enter the interview with a sense of assurance, knowing that you are well-equipped to pursue a rewarding career at your desired organization.