Ground Training


High Flyers, follows well structrured academic curriculum based out on DGCA CPL syllabus.
Our instructors have over 15 years of experience, training more than thousands of successful pilots.


The DGCA Exams encompass a total of six tests. They are conducted by the DGCA every three months throughout the year, typically in January, April, July, and October. The length of your commercial pilot training is connected to the duration it takes for you to successfully pass the DGCA CPL Exams. HIGH FLYERS, an esteemed pilot training institute in India, adheres to a meticulously designed academic curriculum aligned with the DGCA CPL syllabus. These preparatory classes will establish the groundwork for your flight training and pave the way for your future as a professional pilot.


Air navigation holds significant importance in pilot studies, encompassing fundamental principles such as the planning, recording, and control of aircraft movement between locations.
Eligibility : Valid DGCA Computer Number Duration: 2 months


The primary objective of Aviation Meteorology is to develop a solid foundation by exploring the basic principles that govern the physical characteristics of the atmosphere and their impact on weather patterns. The course places particular emphasis on the factors that influence aviation, with the goal of enhancing participants’ knowledge and understanding. 
Eligibility : Valid DGCA Computer Number Duration: 45 days


The subject of air regulations encompasses a broad range of rules and regulations in India and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It covers various aspects including aircraft design and maintenance, all stages of flight, pilot training activities, man-made structure heights, obstruction lighting, and markings. These rules aim to enhance aviation safety and include requirements for pilot certification, school accreditation, and airplane operations.
Eligibility : Valid DGCA Computer Number Duration: 45


The examination is administered jointly by WPC and DGCA and consists of two sections. Section 1 focuses on radio transmission testing, while Section 2 involves a viva on regulations, radio-aids, and basic electrical theory.
Eligibility : Valid DGCA Computer Number Duration: 35 to 45 days