Frequently Asked Questions

CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) is the licence after which a student can fly commercially.

PPL (Private Pilot Licence) is the licence which allows a student to fly a private aircraft without any kind of renumeration.

SPL (Student Pilot Licence) is the licence which enables you to fly as a student till you obtain your CPL.

IR rating is required for a pilot to exercise the privilige of the licence under the reference of instruments.

Duration for the CPL/IR for a student pilot is approximately 6 months. (depending on the performance of the student)

He/She should have passed 10+2 or an equivalent examination with Physics & Mathematics from a recognised board.

To join an airline you require a minimum of a commercial pilot licence with instrument rating and in most cases, multi-engine rating is required.

To qualify for the CPL/IR licence, a student pilot will require 200 hours of flying.

A cadet pilot would learn flying on a single engine trainer aircraft.

A cadet pilot would learn flying on a single engine trainer aircraft.

The academy does not guarantee a job upon completion of your course. Securing a pilot’s job will depend on the individual and the requirements by the airlines, etc.

A cadet pilot needs to undergo a medical check up prior to the commencement of flight training.

The Aircrew medical can only be carried out by those medical examiners so designated and authorized by the department of civil aviation.

The theory subject for the CPL/IR course is as follows:-

  1. Air regulation
  2. Air Navigation
  3. Meteorology
  4. Technical (General)
  5. Technical (Specific)
  6. Radio Telephony

The following exams satisfy the criterion:

  1. Air Regulations
  2. Composite – Navigation & Meteorology

A cadet pilot will be required to pass all subjects for an issue of a CPL. The exams are held once in every three months.

Director General of Civil Aviation is the examining authority for the written exams.

Securing a pilot job with domestic airlines in India will depend on whether there are vacancies in the airline. The cadet pilot needs to meet their requirements and has to go through their selection process, etc. before being selected.

Securing a pilot job with the upcoming private airlines will depend on the available vacancies in the airline. The cadet pilot needs to meet their requirements and go through their selection process. There is an acute shortage of pilots in the aviation industry due to major airline expansion.

The applicant should be free from any physical or mental disability, have good vision in both eyes with normal colour vision and hearing. The need to wear spectacles or contact lenses is not in itself a bar provided that vision can be satisfactorily corrected and the power of lenses is not excessive. An up-to-date spectacles prescription is required for the initial examination even if contact lenses are normally worn. The applicant is advised to seek final advice from the designated medical examiners after thorough examination of the applicant.

There is no maximum age limit for doing the course. However, the licence is only valid upto the age of 61.

The training cost differs for each course, depending on where you are in your flying career and which course you want to pursue.

Yes, if you are a CPL holder you can very well pursue the endorsement training. An applicant with a multi engine endorsement is preferred.

The PAN AM INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT ACADEMY list of simulators represents the most widely used aircrafts in worldwide commercial fleets like the Boeing 737 – 300/ 400 / 800, Airbus 320 and CRJ 200.

To be a part of THE HIGH FLYERS AVIATION SERVICES an applicant should meet the admission criteria followed by an interview.

We do not offer unconditional guarantees, some students may take a little longer than the required minimum. The objective is that you leave here a safe and competent pilot.

All examiners for FAA ratings are independent so that we can ensure monitoring of our training standards.

This is a personal choice and can be easily arranged. If you are completing a course, time for sightseeing may be a little limited. If you are here on holiday it is a good idea to hire one for sightseeing.

All students are required to be dressed in a proper fashion. No shorts are allowed while on airport property and during flights.